On February 4, 2011, Campaigns & Elections magazine held the third annual Reed Award Dinner in Washington, DC.  Political consultants and public affairs executives were recognized for their outstanding work and creativity in the 2010 mid-term elections.
"Winning a Reed Award is considered to be one of the most prestigious honors in the business of politics and Campaigns & Elections congratulates the finalists and winners," said Publisher of Campaigns & Elections, Paul Plawin.  "It is truly a remarkable achievement and we would like to thank the judges and the winners for their contributions to electoral politics and making the Reed Awards such a memorable experience."
The 2011 Reed Award Winners are as follows:
Automated Phone Calls – Independent Expenditure or Public Affairs Advocacy
Stones’ Phones
Proud to be Average – Iowa State Education

Automated Phone – State Legislative and Local Candidate
Front Porch Strategies
Sooner Magic!
Automated Phone – Congressional Candidate
Zach Galifianakis: The Annoyance is Worth It
Automated Phone – Statewide Candidate
Zata3 Consulting
No Respect for Women

Live Phone – Best Overall Use of a Telephone Town Hall
Zata3 Consulting
Cousin Bobby is on the Phone

Live Phone – Independent Expenditure or Public Affairs Advocacy
Winning Connections
Sportsmen for Heinrich

Live Phone – State Legislative and Local Candidate
Zata3 Consulting
Dialing in Four Victories in Colorado

Live Phone – Congressional Candidate
Winning Connections
Jim Cooper Live Social-Pressure and Plan
Live Phone – Statewide Candidate
Winning Connections
Mike Beebe for Governor:  Early Vote GOTV
Newspaper – Other Newspaper Ads
Clean Energy Works - Oilephant

Newspaper – Local, County, Statehouse or Judicial Newspaper Ad
San Francisco Association of Realtors
Chinese Print Ad
Newspaper – Statewide Newspaper Ad
Hackney & Hackney, Inc.

Newspaper – Toughest Newspaper Ad
Radio – Best Use of Voice Over Talent
GMMB & Armour Media
Friends of Barbara Boxer – Overboard
Radio – Toughest Radio Ad
Hootie Dropped the Ball

RapidResponse Media, Inc. & Let Freedom Ring
Princess Lisa
Radio – Best Radio Ad
Hackney & Hackney , Inc.
Technology – Best International Website
Blue State Digital
Dilma Rousseff for President
Technology – Best Online Fundraising
Year of the Political Entrepreneur
Technology – Web Video: Ballot Initiative and Independent Expenditures
The Strategy Group for Media
Liberty and Freedom Foundation “Thirteen Trillion”
Technology – Web Video: Candidate
The Strategy Group for Media
Sean Duffy for Congress  - “Bulls Eye”
Technology – Website: Independent Expenditure Campaign/Issue Advocacy
Upstream Communications
National Republican Senatorial Committee
Technology – Website: State Legislative and Local Races
Upstream Communications
Liberal Loretta – Linda Harper Brown for Texas
Technology – Website: Congressional
The Prosper Group
Michael Grimm for Congress
Steve Israel for Long Island
Technology – Website: Statewide Races
Red Yawp Digital
John McCain 2010

Integrated Web Strategy
Governor Jan Brewer 2010
Signage & Logo Material – Billboard/Bus Signs
The Singularis Group
Clean Sweep Bus Wrap
Signage & Logo Material – Most Original/Innovative Collateral Item
Stearns Consulting
No on B Rally Towel

Signage & Logo Material – Yard/Outdoor Signs
Whitehurst Mosher Campaign Strategy
Perata House
Direct Mail – Best Non-US Campaign (International)
NOW Communications Group
What’s the Plan?
Direct Mail – Ballot Initiative
San Francisco Association of Realtors
“Undeserved Benefits” (No on F)
Direct Mail – Best Villain
Kennedy Communications
Best Overall Biographical Mail
The Beytin Agency
Bea’s Story
Direct Mail – Independent Expenditure and Issue Advocacy
San Francisco Association of Realtors
“Fairness” (No on F)
Direct Mail – Best Mail that Never Saw the Light of Day
The Campaign Workshop
Golden Parachute

Lisella Public Affairs/Axiom Strategies

Direct Mail – Democratic Independent Expenditure Campaign/Issue Advocacy
Gold Communications & Andi Pringle
Not Invited
Direct Mail – Republican Independent Expenditure and Issue Advocacy
The San Diego Group
Tax Man
Direct Mail – Democratic County, Local and Judicial Candidate
Webster’s Dictionary

Direct Mail – Republican County, Local, Judicial Candidate
Axiom Strategies
Dump Dooley
Direct Mail – Democratic State Legislative Candidate
Gumbinner & Davies Communications
“Cat Food”

Direct Mail – Republican State Legislative Candidate
Persuasion Partners
Faison: Lenticular

The Lukens Company
Eckerty Bio

Larkin Brody Associates
Senator AJ Wilhelmi is a Pig
Direct Mail – Democratic Congressional Candidate
Petel and Company
Iwo Vets

Mission Control
Compass/Wrong Islands

Gumbinner & Davies Communications
American Dream

Direct Mail – Republican Congressional Candidate
Curtis Scott Advertising Inc.
Biggert Testimonial

Meet Rob

Chris Russell Consulting, LLC
Direct Mail – Democratic Statewide Candidate
Kennedy Communications
Sestak Intro
Gumbinner & Davies Communications
“Pat on the Back”

Mission Control Inc.
Direct Mail – Republican Statewide Candidate
Faulkner Strategies

Direct Mail – Toughest Direct Mail Piece
Gumbinner & Davies Communications
“I Hit Cops”

The Public Response Group, Inc.
Two Questions – Sam Page for State Senate

The Chadderdon Group
She’s Scared

Special Categories: Best International Campaign
NOW Communications Group, Inc.
Anti-Privatization Campaign
Special Categories – Best GOTV Plan and Execution
Murphy Turner Associates
Stefani Carter for State Representative
Integrated Web Strategy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Vote for Business
Special Categories – Best Use of a Printed Communication (non-mailed)
Tuesday Associates
Marty Lamb Sick of Congress Barf Bags
Special Categories – Best Use of Targeting Technology
The Prosper Group
Sharron Angle Online Fundraising Donor
Best Use of Mobile Technology
Revolution Messaging
Harry Reid Mobile

Connell Donatelli, Inc. and Campaign Solutions
Michele Bachmann Mobile Surge
Special Categories – Best Use of Email/Viral Marketing
HighGround, Inc.Secure the Border – Arizona Sing-A-Long
Special Categories – Best Use of New Technology
The Mellman Group
Ad Testing Through Randomized Online Experiments
Special Categories – Best Use of Social Networking Technology
RBI Strategies & Research
Bernie Buescher for Colorado Secretary of State
DCI Group & Activision-Blizzard
Call of Duty Endowment Memorial Day Campaign
Special Categories – Most Innovative Product of the Year
FLS Connect
American Crossroads Canvass NV & CO with GeoConnect
Special Categories – Best Earned Media Around a Single Event
Murray Hill Incorporated
Murray Hill Incorporated for Congress
Special Categories – Best Special Election Campaign
Fight Back New York
Fight Back New York Targets Hiram Monserrate
Special Categories – Best Public Affairs Campaign
Truman Project
Operation Free

Revolution Agency
U.S. Chamber: Stop the CFPA Campaign

Hackney & Hackney , Inc.
Pebble Mine
Special Categories – Most Daring (and Successful) Tactic
The Prosper Group
Welcome to Nevada – Sharron Angle for Senate
Special Categories – Best Bare-Knuckled Street Fight Victory
The Campaign Group
How Joe Sestak beat the President and the Entire Democratic Establishment to Beat Arlen Specter

Special Categories – Best Campaign Comeback
Campaign Manager Brandon Hall, Senior Adviser Rebecca Lambe, The Mellman Group, GMMB and Ambrosino Muir & Hansen
Harry Reid for Senate
TV – Best Non-US Campaign (International)
Exata Consulting
Roberto Teixeira

Play Nice, Play Fair!

Quintella Gerez Branding Ltda.
WATCH Brazil
TV – Best Use of Voice Over Talent
The Strategy Group for Media
Rand Paul for United States Senate – Stamp of Approval
TV – Independent Expenditure Campaign/Issue Advocacy
Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
Best Athletes

Clean Energy Works – Clean Up

TV – Ballot Initiative
Goddard Claussen Public Affairs
Lights Out
Chris Mottola Consulting, Inc.
Warning Label

TV – Democratic Independent Expenditure and Issue Advocacy
Mr. Bibbs

TV – Republican Independent Expenditure and Issue Advocacy
OnMessage, Inc.
National Republican Senatorial Committee

Schubert Flint Public Affairs
Ninety Days
TV – Democratic Local, County or Judicial Candidate
Whitehurst Mosher Campaign Strategy
Perata Believe!
TV – Republican Local, County or Judicial Candidate
The Strategy Group for Media
Julie Hubler for Franklin County Commissioner
TV – Democratic State Legislative Candidate
Strategic Campaign Media
TV – Republican State Legislative Candidate
Murphy Turner Associates
TX HD 101 Cindy Burkett “One of Us”
TV – Democratic Congressional Candidate
Tipping Point Strategies

TV – Republican Congressional Candidate
The Strategy Group for Media
Sean Duffy for Congress – Get America Rolling
TV – Democratic Statewide Candidate
Trippi & Associates
“Echo” Brown for Governor
TV – Republican Statewide Candidate
Lincoln Strategy Group
TV – Most Effective Comparative Television Advertisement
Trippi & Associates
“Echo” Brown for Governor 2010
TV – Best Villain
Clean Energy Works Clean-Up
TV – Toughest Television Advertisement
Revolution Agency
Republican State Leadership Committee: Espinoza

Harry Reid for Senate – Not My Job

The Campaign Group
How Joe Sestak ended Arlen Specter’s Bid for Senate

TV – Best Ad that Never Saw the Light of Day
Scott Howell and Company

Struble Eichenbaum Communications

Adelstein Liston
“Hector” (for Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas)