Hoping to capitalize on campaigns increasingly moving online, Microsoft and Election Mall.com announced a strategic partnership and the launch of "Campaign Cloud," a one stop shop for all Internet campaigning for campaigns small to large.

"Campaign Cloud" is designed to make the many facets of online campaigning - Twitter, fundraising, e-mail lists, Facebook, GOTV - manageable from one platform. “In today’s environment, campaigns should spend more time on winning and less on managing multiple technology decisions. Now, through our joint offering with Microsoft, we can help democratize the online campaign and election process in an unprecedented way,” Ravi Singh, Election Mall's CEO, said in a statement.

The software is designed so candidates from the smallest races to the largest can use all of these online tools. You can check out the platform here.

Microsoft has been looking to wade more deeply into the politics as campaigns have spent increasing amounts of money online. At C&E's Politics Online conference in April, the company announced a "Campaign Ready" program package that included "TownHall" software. "Campaign Cloud appears to be an extension of that package.

The software giant isn't the only mega company looking to play a big role on the upcoming midterms. Google continues to unveil products, most recently with YouTube launching the "You Choose Campaign Tool Kit." Google has also launched a new and improved "Campaign Tool Kit."

Jeremy P. Jacobs is the staff writer at C&E. He can be reached at jjacobs@campaignsandelections.com Follow him @jeremypjacobs