About C&E

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Campaigns & Elections is the preeminent "how-to" journal of politics, a bimonthly magazine focused on the tools, tactics and techniques of the political consulting profession.

C&E's training conferences also bring together political strategists, candidates, elected officials, public affairs professionals, technologists, and campaign staffers to offer prime networking opportunities and the best campaign training in the business.   

Launched in the spring of 1980 by Stanley Foster Reed, C&E was founded on the understanding that it's management that makes the difference, whether that's in business or on a political campaign. C&E also publishes The Political Pages, a comprehensive annual directory of political firms and professionals.


Editorial Advisory Board

  • Whit Ayres
  • Tracy Dietz
  • Wayne Johnson
  • Kenneth Khachigian
  • Alex Lajoux
  • Mark J. Penn
  • Kimberly Scott
  • Richard Schlackman
  • James Thurber
  • Joe Trippi
  • Beryl Wolfe
  • John Zogby

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