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Our Opponent Was a Teenage Witch: Lessons From an Unusual Campaign

Our Opponent Was a Teenage Witch: Lessons From an Unusual Campaign

by J.J. Balaban / Jun 10 2011

Behind the media plan that helped ensure a win against an unlikely opponent.

"Moderate" Rebranding: How Sweden's Ruling Party Paved the Way for a New Right

by Jonas Hellman / Mar 16 2011

For nearly three-quarters of a century, the Social Democratic Party dominated Swedish politics—but not anymore.

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Through the Storm: TV Ads and Harry Reid's Nevada Comeback

by Jim Margolis, Anson Kaye, Brandon Hall and Rebecca Lambe / Jan 14 2011

It was after midnight on November 3, 2004.

How Kentucky Voters Elected Rand Paul--and a Gay Democrat

by Curtis Ellis / Mar 01 2011

For progressives in 2010, Lexington, Kentucky, was a bright spot in an otherwise dismal election cycle.

Campaign Success Right from Your Desktop: The Value of Targeted Email

by Roger Stone / Oct 27 2010

Mike Panetta, the “shadow” U.

Colombia Ups the Ante in Latin American E-Democracy

by Luis G. Lopez, Ravi Singh, and Dr. Dennis Anderson / Sep 28 2010

By the end of April in Colombia, former Bogota mayor Antanas Mockus’ Green Wave had become a serious challenge to Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombian presidential candidate who was synonymous to continuation of outgoing President Álvaro Uribe’s popular 8-year term.

Targeting the Right Voters, With the Right Message, At the Right Time

by Jeff Roe / Feb 01 2010

Using a bifurcated mail program to reach Election Day and early voters The conventional wisdom in the Kansas City media was that Kansas Sen.

Nanotargeted Pressure

by Josh Koster and Tyler Davis / Feb 01 2010

How digital ads helped turn CNN’s Lou Dobbs problem into a PR nightmare. Like all digital success stories, this case study is not about reinventing the wheel, but about modernizing a strategy that has always worked.

Owens, Omens and Dairy Cows

by Mark Putnam / Feb 01 2010

The topsy turvy story of the special election in New York-23 It was the last thing we wanted to hear.

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