Case Studies

Groundhog Day Revisited

by Chris Sautter / Feb 01 2010

Recount Lessons Since Bush v.

Targeting the Most Unusual Electorate in America

by Ken Strasma / Feb 01 2010

How innovative targeting helped win a record third-term for New York City's mayor On the surface, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg seemed like a shoo-in for reelection in early 2009.

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Trying To Be Everywhere At Once

by Devin Steinberg / Feb 01 2010

Telephone townhalls extend a campaign’s reach without breaking the bank Those running for office have a dilemma: They need to reach as many people as possible but can’t waste time or resources—which are limited for us all—on chasing votes they will never win.

Passing Prop 8

by Frank Schubert and Jeff Flint / Feb 01 2009

Smart timing and strategic messaging convinced California voters to support traditional marriage.

Winning DeLay's Former Seat

by Amy Goldstein / Feb 01 2009

How An Unknown Candidate Built Name Recognition and Drove the Debate.

Reelection in the Dominican Republic

by Mauricio De Vengoechea and Eduardo A. Gamarra / Feb 01 2009

How Leonel Fernández Reyna won a third presidential term.

Winning the Louisiana Senate Race

by Ron Faucheux / Feb 01 2009

How Mary Landrieu Used Message Discipline to Overcome McCain’s Coattails.

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Roger Ailes on Political Media

Roger Ailes on Political Media

A 1988 C&E interview with the one-time master of political media.

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