Coming soon: Absentee ballots from your smartphone

  • Jul 29, 2015

By Super Tuesday 2016 some campaigns could have a new organizing tool to add to their digital arsenals. The website, which on July 22 was awarded $325,000 in funding from the...

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Why flacks are 'terrified' of getting fired

  • Jul 28, 2015

Press secretaries now operate as if they’re “one tweet away from being fired” and that could hinder their relationship with campaign reporters. That relationship has been deteriorating in recent years...

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What Texas Revealed about predicting voter behavior

  • Jul 27, 2015

Traditional pollsters have recently been questioned by observers, myself included, for making erroneous election predictions. One of the reasons for their faulty numbers is that they don’t use the voter...

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Dial testing market opens up

  • Jul 27, 2015

Dial testing has long been a tool of TV consultants and now some research firms want to give campaigns the opportunity to get the same feedback on their digital spots. 20|20 Research, a Tennessee-based...

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Rising Stars 2015

  • Jul 23, 2015

Since 1988, Campaigns & Elections has recognized the up-and-comers of the campaign world with its coveted Rising Star award. Over the years, Rising Star recipients have climbed to the heights of politics...

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What 2016 hopefuls can teach your campaign about mobile

  • Jul 21, 2015

Some have already dubbed this cycle the mobile election on account of the influence smartphones will have over campaign strategy. But which 2016 campaigns are using mobile well in the early stages of...

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The Case for Beating Ad Fraud With Programmatic

  • Jul 20, 2015

Ad buying was once relatively linear. Advertisers bought the ad space from the publisher, the ad was placed, and then the results were verified by a neutral third-party such as Nielsen. The viewer...

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Pollsters: GOP has mountain to climb with Latinos

  • Jul 17, 2015

Many analysts believe that winning 40 percent of the national Latino vote will be sufficient for a Republican to carry the presidency in 2016. In fact, that’s as farcical as Donald Trump making it to the...

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Why the first weeks can make or break your campaign

  • Jul 15, 2015

Here’s a tale of two campaign launches. One is the story of a frenetic, dysfunctional organization with no chain of command. There are multiple decision makers that act in conflicting ways and there’s no...

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5 ways your email list rental can go wrong

  • Jul 14, 2015

Republicans have a long history of renting and sharing direct-mail lists. Now, that tradition has extended to email lists rented either from conservative publishers or other candidates. But in the...

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