Direct Mail Is Still Here and It’s Actually Better than Ever

  • Sep 01, 2015

I recently had a client, who happened to be a first-time candidate, question the effectiveness of direct mail advertising. She was convinced that direct mail was only effective with older voters (ages...

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How Strategic Planning Can Help You Win

  • Aug 31, 2015

In business schools around the globe, aspiring entrepreneurs are taught the importance of writing down their goals when launching a new venture. These ideas are then formatted into a business plan, which...

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New Firm Focus: Whistle Stop Digital

  • Aug 28, 2015

Bryan Fratkin was working as a technologist for CQ Roll Call when he had an epiphany. At the media company, he helped clients build communities for advocacy efforts, but he quickly grew frustrated with...

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The Value of Going Negative

  • Aug 26, 2015

I have always advised my clients to approach running for office as a respectful, hopeful conversation with voters about their concerns. But there comes a time during any campaign when you have to draw...

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The Evolution of the Rally

  • Aug 25, 2015

Tech-savvy candidates are putting a new spin on the age-old campaign rally. Fueled by newly minted software and breakthrough social analytics, these events give candidates greater opportunity to connect...

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Inside Trump's Poll Numbers

  • Aug 24, 2015

With the Iowa caucuses less than six months away, Donald Trump has taken a runaway lead among the GOP candidates. While Trump has a commanding position in poll after poll, some news outlets are doing...

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Navigating the New TCPA Restrictions

  • Aug 21, 2015

Consultants are scrambling for legal cover following the FCC’s release of new rules governing polling. Two industry trade groups recently joined the court battle against the commission’s July 10 Declaratory...

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A New Tool In the Fight for Domain Supremacy

  • Aug 20, 2015

The power of Internet search results can, in some cases, tilt voters’ sentiment in favor of a candidate. That’s according to a recent study which found that 20 percent of undecided voters were more likely...

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Report: Digital To Top $1 Billion As Ad Spending Surges In ’16

  • Aug 18, 2015

The 2016 presidential election will see a 20 percent increase in ad spending with digital breaking $1 billion for the first time, according to a report by Borrell Associates, a firm that tracks ad spending...

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The Psychology of Yard Signs

  • Aug 18, 2015

Yard signs are the bane of most consultants and campaign staffers, but they don’t have to be if you approach them with the right attitude. If you’re asking whether or not they win votes and benefit the...

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