The Art of the Pitch

Whether you’re a political consultant or a first-time candidate, getting your message in front of the press often requires the perfect pitch. And who better to explain where your pitch went wrong than a group of D.C. journalists.

At least that’s the approach OnPoint Strategies is taking. The communications and media training firm wants you to hone your pitching skills by trying them out one-on-one with a group of bookers and journalists to get some real-time feedback.

The firm is bringing together more than a dozen media pros at American University Tuesday for an event it’s billing as MediaMatch.

It features top bookers, reporters, editors and producers discussing what kind of stories grab their attention and what kind of pitches simply rub them the wrong way. Check out the full event details here. (Full disclosure: C&E’s editor is among the participants.)  

The event also includes bookers and journalists from SiriusXM Radio, Real Clear Politics, ABC, CBS, Hotline and The Atlantic Online.

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