Gingrich: I should have never hired ‘regular consultants’

Newt Gingrich relishes any opportunity to take a shot at his former consulting team and he took full advantage of one at Thursday’s GOP debate.      

The former House Speaker said he wishes he could erase the first three months of his presidential campaign, specifically the part where he “hired regular consultants” and tried to be a “traditional candidate.”

“I would skip the first three months where I hired regular consultants,” Gingrich said when asked Thursday what he would do differently in his campaign if he had it to do over.  

Gingrich’s distaste for political consultants is well known, and he’s repeatedly slammed his former cadre of strategists who deserted him en masse last summer. Many of them went on to run the campaign of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who dropped his bid Thursday and endorsed Gingrich.  

The former Speaker said he should have realized earlier on that he’s not capable of being a traditional candidate and shifted to a “big ideas” campaign sooner. 

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Toni Poharcyk

Gingrich is an outright hypocrite, anyone who
votes for him is easily led. I can't think of a more
evil politician except for Cheney. Also, his Stepford/
wife (former mistress with the Tiffany addiction)
is not someone I could stomach for 4 years. The
biggest favor Gingrich can do for the US is to go
down in an airplane. I wonder if his 'faith' would
help him then?!

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