Capitalizing on mobile searches

Your campaign’s website looks different on a cellphone, deal with it.

As campaigns rely more heavily on digital online marketing this election cycle, targeting mobile searchers is critical for success in 2012.

Cellphones are the new laptops, which means that campaigns need to be conscious of their mobile online presence. By 2014 the number of mobile web users is projected to surpass the number of desktop web users.

Do you know what your campaign website looks like on a mobile phone?  If not, take a look – now. An unattractive or unhelpful mobile version of a campaign's website can literally turn away supporters. Mobile searchers, for instance, are more likely to be doing searches with a local intent, according to research from Google. Think potential volunteers on their way to the field office, driving while typing into their iPhones.

Moreover, these mobile folks are prone to misspell the search words, more so than desktop users. So it’s key to include misspellings in your optimization.

The bottom line is that mobile users are spending a considerable amount of time doing Internet searches from their mobile phones. A report by Efficient Frontier (EFF) and Macquarie Capital showed recently that more than 16 percent of searches are done from a mobile device. The number will be up to 22 percent by Election Day.  It's yet another reason to ensure mobile is part of your overall strategy.

Cami Zimmer began her Washington career working at The White House. For over a decade, Zimmer worked on public policy issues, managed campaigns and ran non-profit organizations. She has spent the last seven years as an entrepreneur.

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