New name for top GOP polling firm

Ayres, McHenry & Associates, one of the nation’s most prominent GOP polling firms, is now operating under a new name: North Star Opinion Research.

“As new principals have taken on more work and become part of the public face of our company, we felt it was time to change the name to reflect their roles,” North Star wrote in an email Monday detailing the firm’s name change. “It was easy enough to add Jon McHenry’s name to the firm in 1998, but continuing to add surnames to our company name just wasn’t practical as we expanded.”

The firm’s roster will remain the same with the name change—pollster Whit Ayres has led the company since it began as Ayres & Associates back in 1991. Ayres is also the current chairman of the American Association of Political Consultants and the co-founder of Resurgent Republic.  

Firm co-founder Cheryl Glenn and Vice Presidents Jon McHenry and Dan Judy remain with the firm, which serves a wide range of corporate and political clients. The firm has also relaunched its website

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