Sunglasses to beer cozies: CPAC's best swag

Sunglasses to beer cozies: CPAC's best swag

If you’ve been searching high and low for a John Boehner beer cozy, you’re in luck—assuming you’re at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

A “Team Boehner” beer cozy is just one of hundreds of pieces of conservative swag available in the exhibition area at the annual conservative gathering. As you can see above, the sunglasses at the Google exhibit booth became a hot item once Rick Santorum stopped by and tried them on.

So with a camera in hand, C&E went in search for some of this year’s best offerings.

The "Team Boehner" cozy was the giveaway to entice a signature on a Keystone XL pipeline petition:









The t-shirt pretty much says it all:









A Tea Party board game that looks like it must be hours of fun:









A raffle to win a portrait of your favorite GOP presidential hopeful:










And last but not least, here's a guy dressed as a Rhino in a t-shirt, protesting RINOS:






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