Data firm announces Defense Department contract

Voting absentee is never easy, but for military personnel on long-term overseas deployments it can be particularly difficult -- especially after redistricting. But for those military men and women wondering which congressional district they now fall into, there's help. The Defense Department has contracted Aristotle International, a political data firm, to help assist service members vote absentee. 

The Pentagon's Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) has an automated platform for those unsure about their home district. Aristotle's been contracted to help ensure service members locate and register in the correct congressional district. 

"This is an important innovation in the voting process and I am pleased to be a part of what we see as incremental advances towards what may someday be Internet voting for U.S. citizens and voting by expats living in the US, in their own elections back home," the firm's CEO, John Phillips, said in a statement. 

FVAP's automated program will direct military personnel and ex-pat U.S. citizens to the correct voter registration form, send them a ballot and give them information on the candidates. The deal was announced by Aristotle on Friday. 

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