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Tech company unveils interactive Facebook photo features.

Tired of having supporters click through a photo gallery unimpeded by campaign messaging? ThingLink, an interactive image provider, has a tool that gets around that. 

The company, which has been around since 2008, announced Tuesday it’s now possible to include its interactive images on a Facebook page. 

A picture says a thousand words and ThingLink’s features allow you to have up to 1,500 per image. Here’s how it works: You have, say, an image of a campaign poster on your website, and several parts of that poster may address a number of different topics. Need a visual? Check out House Speaker John Boehner’s homepage where a photo of President Obama showcases ThingLink’s features. That’s now possible to include on Facebook.

The feature allows for deeper, visual story telling, says Neil Vineberg, a company spokesman.

“Facebook has a billion users, which means if you’re a business of any size doing anything online, your audience is there," he says. "ThingLink Tabs for Facebook turns any page into an interactive web experience that drives engagement.”

ThingLink makes the sort of technology that was previously only available to computer programmers accessible to almost everyone with web access and a Facebook page. When it comes to campaigns, it allows for a range of issues to be discussed in an online, visual format.

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