Weather Channel gets in mobile targeting game

Even the Weather Channel is jumping on the political targeting bandwagon this election cycle. The cable network is partnering with Jumptap to pump up its mobile ad offerings for political campaigns from the top of the ballot on down.

The mobile advertiser will serve political ads to the more than 30 million monthly users of The Weather Channel’s mobile and tablet apps. Users will be able to target banner and rich media ads by ZIP code.   

Given that online users have to enter a ZIP code to access local weather forecasts, the Weather Channel calls its site “inherently conducive to delivering highly targeted local political campaign messages that feel organic to the user.”

“We also know that political ads perform best in weather and news, so this was perfect,” Paran Johar, chief marketing officer at Jumptap, told C&E. “I think it really allows advertisers to engage with their audience and build that sense of relevancy with their data.”

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