Republican firm launches TV booking service

Republican online firm CRAFT has launched a new television booking service headed up by Alex Finland, formerly a producer at Fox News Sunday. Finland will be tasked with identifying suitable clients and working to get them television airtime.

While other media firms also book for clients, CRAFT intends to emphasize its booking operation in a way that it thinks will improve upon the existing industry model.

“Our initial focus is on cable news,” Finland tells C&E. “There’s a high bar to clear there, but we feel we’ll have success.”

One of the goals: finding high caliber guests who have yet to break into network programming. Finland will vet clients before booking and conduct follow-ups with producers to determine their strengths and weakness—a sort of training mechanism.

“We’re looking to get people on TV, who there might be need for,” says Finland. “We’re not just pulling people off the street and putting them on TV.”

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