Gallup: Obama's post-convention bounce erodes

President Obama’s post-convention polling bounce has all but disappeared, according to new numbers from Gallup. The latest Gallup tracking poll shows Obama up over Mitt Romney by just a single percentage point with registered voters—47 percent to 46 percent.

That’s exactly where the horserace was just ahead of the Democratic convention in Charlotte.

“We began to see Obama’s lead expanding on Tuesday night of the convention, and then saw it begin to dissipate on Wednesday the week after the convention,” Gallup’s Frank Newport wrote on Tuesday. “It appears now that the Democratic convention was successful in boosting Obama’s standing in ours and other polls, but the gravitational pull of the race back to a rough parity was apparently not eradicated, and has exercised its will again.”

After the DNC, Obama’s lead stretched as high as seven points in Gallup’s tracking numbers. The latest tracking poll also has the president’s approval rating back below 50 percent.  

The numbers can be seen as a bit of good news during an otherwise dismal week for the Romney campaign. Romney is taking heat after a video of remarks he made at a fundraising event hit the Internet. The candidate said “47 percent” of Americans are dependent on government and see themselves as “victims.”

The campaign is also pushing back on a recent Politico story detailing turmoil among Romney’s top staffers.

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