Judge blocks Pennsylvania voter ID law

Pennsylvania voters will still be asked to produce a valid ID before they step into the voting booth next month, but thanks to a court ruling the state’s new voter ID law won’t be fully enforceable on Election Day.

A judge’s ruling on Tuesday halted enforcement of the law, which was passed by the state legislature earlier this year. It’s just the latest development in a number of ongoing voter ID battles working their way through legislatures and the courts in states across the country.      

Republicans have hailed the state’s voter ID requirement as a victory against election fraud, while Democrats and progressive advocacy groups maintain the law unfairly targets minority voters. Pennsylvania’s House Republican leader Mike Turzai went as far as claiming the law would help the state swing Mitt Romney’s way in November.

The Pennsylvania law is expected to go into full effect next election cycle, but an appeal to the state’s Supreme Court is expected. 

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