Pew: 10 percent of donors have contributed via text

Political text donations are slow catching on, according to a new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. In all, 10 percent of Americans who have given to a presidential campaign this year have done so via text message.   Earlier this year, the Federal Election Commission approved political donations via text. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have made text donation appeals to donors, but the tactic isn't in use just yet for down ballot campaigns. “Put another way, that works out to just 1% of all American adults who have made a presidential contribution directly from their cell phone this election season," reads the report. Pew's data comes from a poll taken in late September that asked only about political giving habits on the presidential level. Of the 13 percent of adults who have donated in 2012, Pew found that 67 percent donated in person, via telephone or through the mail, while 50 percent donated online or via email. Pew also found that Republicans are more likely to donate through offline avenues, such as in person, telephone or mail. Democrats, meanwhile, are more likely to donate using online channels, such as email, cell phone app or text message.

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