Advice for the final stretch

Advice for the final stretch
Tips campaigns can still put to use before Election Day

With the weekend before Election Day looming, we spent some time digging into the C&E archives to compile some of our best advice pieces—tips that campaigns can still put to use before Tuesday.   

GOTV: If you haven’t already, check out the latest GOTV piece from the September/October issue of C&E that offers a roadmap for the final 72 hours before Election Day. There’s advice from seasoned campaign managers and media pros on placing last-minute media and coming up with a plan for staffers on Election Day itself.   

Turnout specialist Phillip Stutts also penned a piece on our Campaign Insider blog that identifies five priorities for your GOTV operation. The biggest takeaway: It's not just about having a plan; it's about how efficiently you execute it.Email: There is still time for those last-minute emails, and a well-crafted email appeal can be an effective turnout driver. But in the campaign’s final days, inboxes are likely to be crowded—very crowded. Some advice from The Prosper Group’s Jarrett Ray on how to craft an email subject line that will make your message a must open—a compelling subject line will increase open rates and drive clickthroughs.  

Avoiding missteps: The last thing you want is for your campaign to get careless so late in the game. Whether it’s a last-minute web ad or music at a campaign rally, make sure you don’t find yourself in a copyright bind. Wiley Rein’s Jennifer L. Elgin compiled what she called five tips for the unwary when it comes to copyrights and campaigns.

Endorsements: It’s obviously not too late to grab that last-minute endorsement. And if your campaign does snag a late nod from someone notable, it’s also not too late to put that endorser to work for you. There are three asks your campaign should make of all endorsers. Even on the final weekend, those supporters can still help by putting their own network of backers to work for you and your campaign.A November surprise? It may be the final weekend of campaigning, but there’s still time for gaffes. And given the power of social media, your campaign can make up some very late ground if your opponent slips up. Some tips on turning the unexpected into money and momentum for your campaign. 

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