Torrent of late emails from Obama, Romney camps

In the campaign’s final hours, President Obama and Mitt Romney are still blasting their email lists with fundraising appeals and mixing in some GOTV messages. “For a lot of voters out there, the difference between casting a ballot or not comes down to a single conversation with someone like you,” read a Sunday night email from the Obama campaign. “So don’t waste another minute -- start reaching out to voters using our online call tool right now.” Another Obama GOTV appeal came in the form of a personalized email that directed supporters to the campaign’s Facebook page to see how many people who share their first name have already voted. “Take a look a look at that,” Obama’s Deputy National Political Director said in the email. “Then share it with your friends so they can see how many people with their names have voted, too -- and look up their polling place.”   Other emails over the campaign’s final weekend were aimed at urging voters to sign up for volunteer and GOTV shifts. A Monday morning email from the Obama campaign encouraged supporters to forward “12 must-share facts about President Obama’s record.” And at the end of the message: the ever-present red “donate” button.   As late as 10 p.m. Sunday night campaigns were still asking supporters for donations, highlighting a midnight deadline. A Romney campaign email came from VP nominee Paul Ryan with the subject line “Only a few hours left.” The email offered supporters a chance to join the campaign’s election night party in Boston for a contribution of $5 or more.     Final fundraising appeals from the Obama campaign came Saturday night—one in the form of a bumper sticker offer and a request to connect with the campaign on Facebook. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, meanwhile, sent more than half a dozen fundraising emails over the weekend. A personalized email sent Saturday morning with Barack Obama as the sender asked for a small dollar donation “to elect a Democratic majority in Congress.”    The DCCC was still sending fundraising emails to those on their list who had yet to donate as late as 7 p.m. Sunday night. The committee’s final Sunday night appeal: “By this time tomorrow, it will be too late for our campaigns to expand their advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts.”    

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