Once your prospect has committed to making a donation, remove every unnecessary link or step in the donation process. Link your call-to-action button directly to a donation form. If you have contact or personal information for your prospect, pre-populate the donation form fields when ever possible.

Every extra click you force upon a donor will lead to fewer donations. Be ruthless in your simplification of the donate process.

Political fundraising specific donation tools, like WidgetMakr, can reduce the number of donation form fields required by your mobile donors during the transaction process.

Make your website mobile friendly. How does your campaign website look when you open it on your smart phone? Does the functionality still work? How fast does it load?

Warning: Web page load time is a major contributing factor to page abandonment. Users have no patience. Every second of delay can cost you seven percent in conversions of visitor-to-donor. Mobile fundraisers are already handicapped in this area as it takes more than 7 seconds for the average mobile page to load. Luckily, most mobile web users are willing to wait 6-10 seconds for a page to load. (Akamai has a great tool for testing the mobile load time of your website.)

Your mobile user is different than the person sitting behind a computer so make sure you take the mobile users needs into consideration.

  • The mobile user is hopefully on a path to take action (donate) so don’t get in their way.
  • They want information quickly.
  • They have an even shorter attention span than someone sitting at a desk.

Keep mobile usability and speed in mind, and make sure your site utilizes responsive design. Responsive web design enables your website to automatically optimize its user interface for various mobile device screen sizes. Some best practices for mobile websites:

  • Strip away extra design elements
  • Utilize single column layouts with large fonts
  • Use collapsible navigation but keep it front and center
  • Make form fields spacious for easy text entry
  • Provide large accessible buttons for fat fingers (not little mouse cursors)
  • Show progress indicators to show users that a button tap has registered an action
  • Provide a click-to-call phone number so the supporter can contact the campaign directly

Neglect mobile devices at your peril. Your supporters are surgically attached to their smart phones. Don’t wait for them to sit down at their computers to receive your perfectly crafted fundraising message because it may never happen.

Erik currently runs sales and marketing for CMDI, the largest Republican fundraising technology platform. Prior to joining CMDI, Erik founded numerous fundraising technology companies whose products have raised over $350 million for hundreds of political and cause-based organizations.