Partners at Democratic firm Zata|3 moving on

Brad Chism and Chad Gosselink, partners at the Democratic firm Zata|3, announced their decision “to move onto other pursuits” in a Thursday email to friends and clients. The Democratic communications firm served thousands of campaigns and advocacy projects in its 13 years of existence. Its fate remains unclear with the departure of partners Chism and Gosselink, who were mum as to future plans. Here’s the full text of the email:

Friends, After years of working together on thousands of successful campaigns and advocacy projects, the partners at Zata|3 have decided to move onto other pursuits.  Our friendship and work together has been immensely rewarding and we thank everyone we've worked with over the past thirteen years.   We will be certain to communicate more detail about our future plans come the first of the year!

We both wish you the best of fortunes in this holiday season,   Brad Chism                              Chad Gosselink

A request for comment wasn't immediately returned, but we'll update this post when we hear back. 

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