Chism forms new communications firm

Consultant Brad Chism has formed a new political communications firm that’ll look a lot like his old firm Zata|3—sans business partner Chad Gosselink. 

According to a source close to the firm, the new company will have offices in Washington, D.C. and Jackson, Miss., and Chism will reveal the name of the new venture sometime this month. 

In a December email to friends and clients, Chism and Gosselink announced Zata|3’s closure and their decision “to move onto other pursuits.” 

Five former Zata|3 employees will join Chism at his new firm. Rob Burkes will head up operations at the new firm, while Sital Sanjanwala, Tara Conroy, Charles Richardson and Julie Jaber will also remain part of Chism’s team. 

You can also expect the new firm to offer an expanded list of services to clients in part as a result of the impact cellphones and caller ID have had on traditional telephone contact.

Update: Chism announced the firm will be called Chism Strategies on January 10.

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