RGA political director heads back to consulting world

Josh Robinson will rejoin RedPrint Strategy as a partner—running its general consulting wing.

He helped found the firm in 2010 along with Casey Phillips, before leaving to head the political department at the RGA. There he managed a $55 million budget and saw the ranks of Republican governors grow during an otherwise rough cycle for the party. 

Robinson and RedPrint already have New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s 2013 reelection contest on the docket. The two know one another from Christie’s time as vice chair of the RGA. For now, Robinson says he’s serving as an advisor to the governor’s campaign.  

“After two great years at the RGA, I was looking to get back into the consulting world and the direct campaign side of things,” Robinson tells C&E. “I will be playing a role as an advisor on the Christie campaign.”

He says getting to work with governors was a unique experience, Christie among them. They handled campaign and independent expenditure efforts together.

During his tenure at the RGA, Robinson oversaw the largest independent expenditure campaign—Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election in Wisconsin. 

Now, Robinson says he’s looking forward to tag-teaming races with Phillips once again and that the firm intends to aim high when it comes to recruiting campaigns and candidates for the upcoming cycle. 

“Casey’s done great work,” Robinson says. “But we were a little limited in what we could do being a one-man show.”

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