Best Ad that Never Saw the Light of Day

“Dear Scott” – Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Adelstein | Liston

Best International (Non-US) Campaign

El Karateca (The Karate Man), Equipo 70

Best Use of Voice-Over Talent

Challenges, Obama Media Team

Best Villain

Andy Barr for Congress – “Scary Guy”, The Strategy Group for Media

Local, County or Judicial Candidate

Bergen County Democrats Baby Ad, Silver Strategies and Communications Group

Democratic State Legislative Candidate

“Run Jane, Run” – Iowa State Senator Steve Sodders, Adelstein | Liston

Republican State Legislative Candidate

Greg Bonnen: “He Listens,” Murphy Turner Associates

Statewide Candidate

Tommy Thompson for US Senate – “Washington Game,” The Strategy Group for Media

Democratic Congressional Candidate

“Numbers,” Hamburger Company

Republican Congressional Candidate

Not All – Todd Young for Congress, BrabenderCox

Presidential Candidate

Simon, Local Voices SuperPAC

537, Obama Media Team

Rick Santorum – “Pop-Up,” BrabenderCox

Independent Expenditure Campaign or Issue Advocacy

Surveillance, GMMB

“Flight” – AFSCME, Adelstein | Liston

“Sleepwalking,” OnMessage Inc.

Ballot Initiative

Grandparents, 76 Words

Most Effective Comparative Television Advertisement

The Choice, Obama Media Team

Toughest Television Advertisement

Commander in Chief, Truman National Security Project & Adelstein | Liston

Best Television Advertisement Of 2012

537, Obama Media Team

Commander in Chief, Truman National Security Project & Adelstein | Liston

Pennsylvania GOP – “The Problem,” BrabenderCox