Online Advertising

Best Online Advertising Campaign

Vacation Dog, GMMB

Best Use of Display Advertising

Planned Parenthood’s Mobile Campaign: Youth Turnout, Revolution Messaging

Don’t Gamble with Your Health, The Campaign Workshop

Best Online Targeting

Murphy Informs Working-Age Women Voters about West’s Positions on Women’s Issues via targeted ads, Impact Politics

Chisum for Railroad Commissioner (TX): Hyper-local Ad Targeting, The Prosper Group



Best International (Non-US) Radio Ad

OBA Stuck in Reverse, RBI Strategies & Research

Best Use of Voice-Over Talent

The Coalition for Oklahoma’s Future – “Baggage,” The Strategy Group for Media

Radio Ad: County, Local or Judicial Candidate

Biker Justice, RBI Strategies & Research

Radio Ad: State Legislative Candidate

Joe Miller “Weeds,” Redprint Strategy

Radio Ad: Statewide Candidate

Mike Pence for Indiana Governor – “The Road to Growth,” The Strategy Group for Media

Radio Ad: Congressional

Michele Bachmann for Congress – “Airport,” The Strategy Group for Media

Radio Ad: Presidential

Hope For A Change, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.

Radio Ad: Ballot Initiative or Independent Expenditure

The Defeat of Physician Assisted Suicide in Progressive Massachusetts, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications, Element Productions and CJ Kaplan

Toughest Radio Ad

Cap and Trade, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.

Best Radio Ad Of 2012

Dumb, Franklin Communications/Peachtree Battle Group


Signage & Collateral Material

Best Collateral Item or Sign

Mitt Romney Has a Koch Problem, Art Not War

Most Original/Innovative Collateral Item

John Lewis Mugshot Poster & T-Shirt, John Lewis for Congress & Weyandt Creative

Yard/Outdoor Signs

Ray Withy – “Sailing Away,” Indie Politics

Tarleton Yard Sign, Argo Strategies

Yes For West-MEC Bond, Highground, Inc.