Harrington joins Conservative Connector

Conservative Connector has joined the Republican digital space as an email list rental company, with a top staffer from the Prosper Group moving over to lead the growing company.

Jen Harrington had been the Prosper Group’s director of special projects, managing Conservative Connector's business operations. She'll now be Conservative Connector's director of operations.

After working with several major campaigns last cycle, Harrington tells C&E, “we've gotten big enough that we've got to hire staff directly and I was one of the first of those.” 

In addition to Harrington, the firm has also hired Kevin Zambrano, who worked for Mitt Romney in 2012 as a deputy data analyst, to be an account manager and brought on journalist David Freddoso, most recently of the Washington Examiner, to be editor of ConservativeIntel.com, the company's main content site.

The new company is still finding its feet. "We literally just made these new hires in the past month," says Harrington. "We are moving quickly due of the amount of business we already doing for 2014 candidates and organizations."

Conservative Connector, which has been recognized for its work on behalf of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Romney’s presidential effort, offers its services to candidates, organizations, Super PACs and corporations. "Anybody who wants access to a Republican email audience can come in and rent a list," she says. "Our lists are unique from other companies in that they are 90-95 percent donors who have a history of donating recently online."

Harrington says the company gives clients a better response rate. "Especially if you're looking for someone to participate in something financially online. Once they've already done it and you know they have a history of donating to conservative, Republican campaigns it makes it that much easier to pitch them," says Harrington.

Moreover, they offer state-specific lists. "If you're running in Florida and you want to find Florida donors, we offer that," she says.

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