NationBuilder raises $8 million in Series B funding

Just over two years since its launch, the software company NationBuilder has announced an $8 million round of Series B venture funding. The round was led by Omidyar Network with some of the funding coming from Andreessen Horowitz.

Jim Gilliam, founder and CEO of NationBuilder, announced the $8 million in a blog post on the company’s website Thursday. With the funding, NationBuilder plans to add resources and further its presence in the hyper-competitive political software space. NationBuilder is among of handful of California-based technology companies working to break into the political world.   

Over the past two years, Gilliam noted, NationBuilder has helped campaigns recruit more than 280,000 volunteers and raise more than $110 million. And campaigns down the ballot are increasingly using Nationbuilder’s platform.   

Gilliam rolled out the news on the opening day of the Personal Democracy Forum’s annual conference in New York. It was Gilliam’s speech in 2011 at PdF that gained him widespread recognition.  

“This morning, I’m back at PdF,” Gilliam wrote on the NationBuilder website. “No speech this time, thank God, but even more indebted than I was before. We have an incredible team and incredible partners, working around the clock to serve all of you. And today, Omidyar Network – the world’s most well-respected philanthropic investment firm – is joining us. They are leading an $8M investment, along with Andreessen Horowitz, to further our mission of making everyone a leader.”

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