Gibbs, LaBolt form new communications firm

Two Obama campaign veterans are launching a new strategic communications firm—the Incite Agency.

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Obama campaign vet Ben LaBolt will head the new venture, which is affiliated with New Partners, the Democratic firm that formed following the 2008 election cycle.  

Gibbs and LaBolt are founding partners of the new venture, which will work with New Partners to “give clients access to a comprehensive range of services while maintaining hands-on access to the principals,” according to a release.  

“We helped build one of the most successful startups in history,” the agency boasts on its new website. “Our approach is grounded in the strategies we’ve used to define the Obama brand and grow it into a national movement.”

The Incite Agency will offer brand and message development, strategy and planning, media relations, crisis communications and digital and social development.

In addition to Gibbs and LaBolt, Adam Fetcher is on board as the firm’s managing director. Fetcher served as deputy national press secretary for Obama’s reelection campaign.

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