Ballot Initiative
Building a Better Ohio – “Give”, The Strategy Group for Media 
Cristin, 76 Words 

Best Ad that Never Saw the Light of Day
Building a Better Ohio – “Level”, The Strategy Group for Media

Best Non-US Campaign
Mi meta una mejor Venezuela, Newlink Political
Christy Crunch, NOW Communications Group
Enough Corruption, Sanmartin Group

Best Television Spot of the 2011 Cycle
American Lung Association, “Red Carriage”, GMMB  
Violation, Hackney & Hackney, Inc. 
Restoring America – “Bus”, The Strategy Group for Media

Best Use of Voiceover Talent
GI Joe, Truman National Security Project

Best Villain
Costa Mesa City Council, Three Point Media

Democratic Local, County or Judicial
Jake Zimmerman – Fair, Devine Mulvey 

Democratic Statewide or State Legislative Candidate
Wisconsin Senate Democrats – “I Know Dave”, Adelstein | Liston
Brandon Presley – “Hit Record”, Fletcher Rowley Inc.
Independent Expenditure Campaign
DCCC, “How Will You Pay?”, GMMB 

Most Effective Comparative Television Advertisement
George Barker Radical, Revolution Media 

Republican Local, County or Judicial
Ballard “Sleeves”, BrabenderCox
Curfew, The Casale Group

Republican Statewide or State Legislative
JT Fitch for State Treasurer, Dresner Wickers Barber Sanders 

Special Election Campaign
Capella for Assessor, Buisson Creative 

Toughest Television Advertisement
American Lung Association, “Red Carriage”, GMMB