Best Newspaper Ad of 2011
Cupcake, Truman National Security Project

Local, County or Judicial Ad
Future Express, Rainmaker Inc

Toughest Newspaper Ad
Pebble Lady, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.


Online Advertising

Best Online Targeting
Michele Bachmann Ames Straw Poll Victory, Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli 

Best Use of Display Advertising
Michele Bachmann, Ames Straw Poll Victory, Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli 

Grassroots Mobilization
Sticking it to Rick Scott, BuzzMaker 


Political Technology

Best International Web Video
Virtual Edna Kenny, ElectionMall, Inc.

Best International Website, ElectionMall, Inc.

Best Online Fundraising Tool
Turn Your Fans into Fundraisers, Rally 

Best Use of Application Software
Cyrus, Nasica Consulting Services

Web Video: Ballot Initiative and Independent Expenditure
Tom Morello’s Union Town Video Campaign, Revolution Messaging

Best Spot that Could Never Appear on Our Public Airways
Chicago Federation of Labor – “Enough”, Adelstein | Liston
Welch “Separated at Birth”, BrabenderCox 

Web Video: Candidate
Santorum “Family”, BrabenderCox 
The Donkey Whisperer, Capitol Consulting, Inc. 
Jindal for Governor ‘Oil Spill’, OnMessage Inc. 

Website: Independent Expenditure
GI Joe, Revolution Media and Truman National Security Project

Website: State Legislative and Local Races
Chicago for Rahm Emanuel, Trilogy Interactive

Website: Statewide Race/Congressional (Special)
Dan Forest for Lt. Governor (North Carolina), Red Stampede



Best Radio Ad of 2011
Double Speak Decoder, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
NACS – Defending Swipe Fee Reform: Science Fiction, Penn Schoen Berland and Roy Fletcher

Best Use of Voiceover Talent
What Do We Know, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.

Toughest Radio Ad
Huge Mistake, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.