Study: Facebook reach among young viewers comparable to network TV

As the political ad landscape continues to fragment, a Nielsen report out Wednesday says Facebook has a larger reach to younger age groups than network television during daytime hours. 

The report, commissioned by the social networking site, finds that Facebook adds up to a 41 percent reach during the day for consumers age 25 to 34. The report also suggests that Facebook allows for an overlap of between 14 and 18 percent in reach to people accessible via both the website and networks, for consumers ages 25 to 34.

“The emergence of far-reaching publishers like Facebook, however, means that marketers now have another option for reaching consumers en masse,” the report states. “Likewise, the availability of true cross-screen metrics enables them to understand how digital can reinforce and complement their TV investment.”

The reach of television networks increases in primetime, and captures more than 20 percent of the audiences. Facebook's reacg diminishes during primetime, but the duplicated reach -- the time when a marketer can potentially reach the same consumers through two different mediums -- increases.

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