Despite lawsuit, Majority Strategies hires Nick Everhart

Feuding consultants Rex Elsass and Nick Everhart reached an agreement last Friday that allowed the former president of the Strategy Group for Media to join Majority Strategies, according to Everhart's attorney.

Elsass is suing Everhart in the wake of his dismissal from the Ohio-based consulting firm.

Amid the ongoing legal battle, Majority Strategies announced Tuesday that Republican strategist Everhart had joined the Florida-based mail firm.

The hiring was unveiled after a deal was struck between the parties. In addition to sanctioning Everhart’s employment, there are "other terms of an order which will exist until the case is resolved,” attorney James Mowery tells C&E in an email.

Despite the legal complications, Majority Strategies said on Facebook it “couldn't be more thrilled to have [Everhart] on board.”

Brett Buerck, the firm’s president, called Everhart, who departed the Strategy Group for Media under acrimonious circumstances, "one of the most talented operatives in Republican politics today."

"He brings an invaluable wealth of experience, insight, and political intuition to our firm," Buerck stated.

Everhart returned the praise.

"Joining a firm of Majority Strategies' quality and reputation is an exciting opportunity for me to bring the nation's most creative and award-winning direct mail to today's top political campaigns and organizations," Everhart said in a statement.

"Majority Strategies' track record of success has been unmatched in the industry. I'm humbled to now be a part of such a top flight organization."

Earlier this year, Elsass fired Everhart and then filed a lawsuit against him. The suit accuses his former protégé of plotting to take over the firm and included the claim that Everhart "unzipp[ed] his pants and reliev[ed] himself in the presence of a colleague to exert dominance," according to BuzzFeed.

Still, it hasn’t stopped him from finding work.

"The lawsuit continues to be active and this is a temporary order pending a final outcome," Mowery tells C&E in an email.

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