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Having a blog, for many consulting firms, is a must. Maintaining it is a different story. Dedicated blog readers like ourselves are often disappointed to find a stale hiring announcement lurking on the blog of a large firm. Luckily, that’s not the norm.  

Many firms and consultants update their blogs with posts that mix insight, analysis and consulting world news. Some of our regular reads include CMDI, Smart Media Group, Colin Delany of and strategist Ben Donahower.

We scoured the web and came up with a larger list of consulting blogs worth bookmarking.

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Campaign Finance Blog

Operated by William McGinley, a partner at Patton Boggs LLP, the blog focuses on campaign finance, election and political law topics. McGinley does everything from analysis to aggregation to posting news bulletins.

The Campaign Workshop

The Democratic firm’s blog draws on the wisdom of several of the firm’s staffers who cover everything from political news to practical advice for candidates and campaigns.    

Global Strategy Group

The Democratic polling firm, led by Jon Silvan and Jefrey Pollock, has a blog with a surprisingly wide focus. Although each post has a campaign tie-in, the blog covers a wide variety of topics and features analysis from the firm’s principals.

Ozean Media Political Consulting Blog

Ozean Media itself is not exclusively a political consulting firm, but part of its focus is on Republican political campaigns. The firm devotes a section of its blog to political consulting, and frequently posts updates on topics relevant to the consulting world. Be sure to check out the Friday posts where the blog goes in search of a “Eureka” moment.

Steve Schale

Democratic consultant Steve Schale pens a blog on his personal website where he analyzes news and campaigns – with a personal touch.

Kristen Soltis Anderson

The Winston Group pollster’s blog is mix of news coverage – mainly featuring her own commentary – and links to her articles, reports and fun facts.

Winning Mark

The Democratic firm Winning Mark’s blog features media-focused analysis. It also offers advice for campaigns on employing mobile and social media channels.

270 Strategies

The new-ish Democratic firm boasts a blog that features “fun facts, opinion pieces, and the occasional call to action.” Most of the time its posts are related to grassroots organizing, but it also touches on data, analytics and digital tools.

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