Organizer and NationBuilder announce collaboration 

Organizer, a San Francisco-based firm that markets voter contact applications for mobile devices, will now offer a service that integrates NationBuilder's data, allowing a canvasser to update his campaign's voter universe while going door-to-door. 

"Having them get real data coming in from the field allows them to filter out where they're getting traction in certain turf," Chris Kelly, Organizer's CEO, tells C&E. "It flows the data right back into the NationBuilder nation they're using for the campaign."

Clients can sign up for the service or continue using data the firm -- which calls itself "data agnostic" -- purchases from sources such as Catalyst. Organizer primarily has Democratic clients, but Kelly said it would work with a Republican campaign "in the right circumstances."

"We're experts in mobile so we wanted to be able to take our mobile field product and plug it into NationBuilder's API (application programming interface)," he says.

On the flip side, NationBuilder’s customers now have access to a “fully-integrated mobile delivery system to interact with their clients, members, or voters.”

“We’ve been working with Organizer for a long time, and their application is one of the first built on our API. The new integration and pricing makes their mobile tools more accessible for our customers,” Jim Gilliam, NationBuilder’s founder and CEO, stated.

At its price point, Kelly says, "we think that anybody should be able to afford this."

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