Rep. Radel hires crisis team

Rep. Trey Radel (R) has hired two of the GOP's top crisis communicators.

The Florida congressman, who's on leave from the House and has entered a rehab facility following a cocaine bust, has retained the Bonjean Company and Townline Strategies, which are run by Ron Bonjean and Brian Walsh, C&E confirmed.

Politico first reported news of the hires.

The vote of confidence from consultants could mean there's light at the end of the tunnel for Radel. He seems to be taking all the right public steps to mitigate the damage to his reputation and those moves -- holding a press conference, admitting the problem, apologizing, entering rehab -- have made him a viable client for mainstream GOP firms.

It also helps that Speaker John Boehner and the GOP House leadership have stood by the freshman during the crisis, which has seen him plead guilty to cocaine possession and admit to fighting the "disease of alcoholism."

Whether there's another shoe to drop remains to be seen. But in contrast to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Radel's conduct hasn't made him radioactive to consultants. There's still a risk in taking on a client like Radel, but consultants who do could build a longterm relationship because, after all, everyone loves a comeback.  

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