Campaign pioneer Harry Walter dies in Canada

Harry Walter, whose ads were credited with helping Willy Brandt remain chancellor of West Germany in a 1972 snap federal election, passed away in his sleep Dec. 31 at his ranch in Canada.

He was considered one of the pioneers of European political consulting and one of the first to bring American campaign techniques across the Atlantic. 

A longtime member of the International Association of Political Consultants, he served as the organization's president from 1983 to 1985 and spent more than two decades as its treasurer.

Born 1929 in Berlin, Walter started his career as newspaper photographer. In 1963, he became creative director of ad agency R.W. Egger in Düsseldorf and a year later he co-founded the Germany Art Directors Club. In addition to his work for Brandt's Social Democrats, Walter did ads for more than 80 campaigns in Germany, Turkey, Venezuela, Portugal, Peru, Kenya, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile and Nicaragua.  

A ceremony to scatter Walter's ashes is being planned. 

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