Consultants tout Ready for Hillary web launch 

Ready for Hillary is shifting into campaign mode and bringing some of the party's top consulting firms along with it. The super PAC on Tuesday unveiled a revamped website that was designed by 270 Strategies and incorporates NGP VAN's organizing tools. 

"While the site features the latest in design and thought, the mandate from Ready for Hillary was to focus on engaging, mobilizing, and growing the grassroots support that we are seeing all over the country for Secretary Clinton,” stated Mitch Stewart, founding partner at 270. ”By investing now with a focus on innovative outreach, Ready for Hillary is providing the time and tools necessary to build the relationships that an effective grassroots structure is founded upon. These new organizing tools will help expand the army of grassroots supporters and activate them for the 2014 elections and beyond." 

The tools include one feature where supporters who sign up on the site can be pushed as a linked record into the NGP database for fundraising and the VAN database for organizing -- a feature that other Democratic candidates will likely want to replicate.

The super PAC's website also uses NGP VAN’s Social Organizing tool, which "enables supporters to match their Facebook friends to the voter file as they take part in everyday campaign activities … all while earning points and badges to publicly promote their actions," according to a spokesman for NGP VAN.

In addition to its online efforts, Ready for Hillary has volunteers on the ground in the New Hampshire. About 20 recruits have fanned out in the college towns of Hanover and Plymouth to support Democrat Mike Cryans in the special election for the open seat on the state's five-member Executive Council. 

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