Reed Awards to add Spanish-language categories for 2015

Reed Awards to add Spanish-language categories for 2015

The 2015 Reed Awards will expand its list of categories to highlight Spanish-language advertising produced and run by U.S. campaigns during the 2014 midterm cycle.

Given the growth in Spanish-language advertising, and the expected focus on Hispanic voters in several key 2014 battlegrounds, it only makes sense to expand our category offerings for 2015. For Campaigns & Elections, it's part of our effort to ensure the Reed Awards continue to reflect the best the campaign industry has to offer. 

We will roll out a detailed list of our new category offerings in the coming months, but they will include categories for Spanish-language television, radio, direct mail and digital.  

Named for C&E founder Stanley Foster Reed, the Reed Awards showcase the best in political campaigning, consulting and design, handing out awards annually across a host of categories, including TV, radio, direct mail, and digital advertising.

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