In a new round of robocalls just launched by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the source of the call comes at the beginning, rather than at the end. It’s the first time the NRCC, or any national party committee to our knowledge, has identified the source of the robocall right from the outset, and it’s welcome news for anti-robocall advocates like Shaun Dakin.

A source at the NRCC tells Campaign Insider the decision to put the disclosure first comes on the advice of the committee’s general counsel. Given a maze of different state laws regulating robocalls, the NRCC sees the disclaimer-first route as the safest course of action legally and will continue to place the disclaimer first from here on out.

Here’s the audio of one of the calls hitting Virginia Rep. Glenn Nye over his vote on military pay raises. The NRCC is targeting at least 13 “vulnerable” House Democrats with new robocalls and has placed the disclaimer first in each one.

Shane D’Aprile is senior editor at Politics magazine.