Just one county over from Charlie Crist's home, the Florida governor was badly beaten by senatorial primary opponent Marco Rubio, which shows how far the Republican base has moved from the party's most moderate candidates. But, luckily for Crist (and maybe for the Florida GOP, if having a moderate Republican senator is better than no Republican senator at all), the primary voters as a whole should be more friendly to the governor.

In Connecticut's Senate race, Chris Dodd is getting a boost from Ted Kennedy. A new ad features Kennedy, an liberal icon in the fight for health care reform, praising Dodd as his "closest ally":

Thanks to some help from Obama, the DNC won the fundraising fight in May, a turnaround from some low numbers for the party in power. The RNC, though, still has more money and less debt.

Though Obama's approval rating is up slightly among Democrats, a fairly large slip among Independents and Republicans puts him at his lowest numbers ever in a Gallup poll.

Things have been quiet in the big race in Virginia; Republican Bob McDonnell has lain low since the death of his mother-in-law. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is coming to the state to campaign for McDonnell, which Democrats are hoping to use as proof against his reputation as a moderate.

Finally, for the junkies who need to stay on top of every race, a look at the open seats and expected open seats in the House.