There's a new word out there: to Hoekstra.

The definition, according to the brand-new Pete Hoekstra is a Meme blog: "To Hoekstra is to whine using grandiose exaggerations and comparisons."

Rep. Pete Hoekstra set the Internet off with an unfortunate tweet yesterday.

Since then, Hoekstra's Twitter account has bombarded with "@ replies" of Twitterers Hoekstra'ing about their own lives. (See them all here; New York magazine offers their favorites here.)

Hoekstra's been quiet since—though he can take solace that a whole lot of young voters who'd never heard his name know a bit about him now.

Getting off easy in all this has been Rep. John Culberson, author of his own unfortunate tweet:

Maybe "to Culberson" is just not as much fun to say. Or maybe it was the retraction, of a sort ("Restrictions against dissent in US House cannot be compared to restrictions imposed on Iranian population by their tyrant government"). But Culberson has been tweeting away the day with hardly the same deluge of responses. Lucky guy.


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