Zata3 Consulting conducts biweekly surveys to track opinions on the economy and other noteworthy issues. Today we considertwo questions: "How would you rate Obama's efforts to promote racial equality?" and "Are America's best days ahead of us?" For an introduction to the survey results, click here. For previous polling on this question, click here.

When we asked African-Americans earlier this week to rate President Obama’s efforts to promote racial equality in America, we found little change from the last four weeks. A healthy majority feel he is moving at the right pace (57 percent). Only one in ten felt he was not moving fast enough. Latinos, however, are a bit more anxious than a month ago—18 percent want Obama to move at a faster pace, and, puzzling to us, a larger number than in the last two waves of surveys feel like Obama is moving too fast.

Asian-Americans are less comfortable with Obama’s efforts to promote racial equality, with a third of respondents saying he’s moving too fast. Among ethnic minorities surveyed, this group is closest to caucasians in their outlook. For whites, half the respondents feel Obama is moving at the right pace while more than four in ten would prefer Obama back off. There is very little change over the last month among whites on this issue.

When asked if America’s best days are ahead of us or behind us, Asian-Americans, Latinos and African-Americans consistently respond more positively than caucasians. Our June 6 survey shows the opinions within each of these ethnic groups are about the same. The Sotomayor nomination may account for a modest upward trend over the last four weeks. Asian-Americans opinions on this question are about the same as they were in early March—more upbeat than whites but less so than Latinos or Blacks.

This minimal change from the survey a fortnight earlier reinforces the observation that the steep decline in optimism among African-Americans and caucasians over the spring has leveled off. This is welcome news for Democrats.

Brad Chism is president of Zata3 Communications, a one-to-one communications company based in Washington, DC, serving a national client base of Democratic candidates and progressive organizations and interest groups. For more information about Zata3 and ZataPulse polling, click here. To see all posts on the survey results, click here.


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