Zata3 Consulting conducts biweekly surveys to track opinions on the economy and other noteworthy issues. The survey question considered to day is, "Are America's best days ahead of us?" For an introduction to the survey results, click here.

Nearly all groups have grown increasingly pessimistic about America’s future since the first survey. Caucasians were the least optimistic in mid-March and are now about 17 points lower on the index. And the Optimism Index for African Americans, considerably higher than any other ethnicity surveyed at the outset, has dropped by 22 points to roughly the same level as Latinos and Asian Americans.

Clearly, these trends don’t bode well for the governing party, and Democrats would do well to monitor this index throughout the summer in hopes of some leveling off.

Brad Chism is president of Zata3 Communications, a one-to-one communications company based in Washington, DC, serving a national client base of Democratic candidates and progressive organizations and interest groups. For more information about Zata3 and ZataPulse polling, click here.


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