Today is Earth Day, and unsurprisingly the battle over climate change was a hot topic today. Hopes are high: 79 percent of Americans think Obama will do well on the issue. So the money and ad campaigns have begun.

(As for today’s end-of-day post, I took a climate-changing plane flight across the country today.)

The rest of today’s interesting stories center on Republican leadership. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor looks good as he broke his off-year first-quarter fundraising record, though other aren’t doing so great. John McCain now faces a primary battle from the anti-immigration conservatives, and though he probably needn’t worry, Democrats say it shows the fractures within the party. Hopes are fading for Jim Tedisco in NY-20, and a former NRCC chair said Murphy was the winner. The DNC is taking advantage of it all with another web ad making light of the GOP’s perceived leaders.

And today’s requisite Twitter news: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom used the service to launch his gubernatorial campaign.