Congress returned from a two-week spring break yesterday, and they're back to clashing over money. Republicans laughed at the $100 milion that Obama asked cabinet members to cut, saying it was nothing next to his billions in spending. (If you want to prep yourself on future Republican talking points, it sounds like Amity Shlaes' "The Forgotten Man" is the book to read.) After trying "socialist" and "fascist," they also found a new tag for the president, this one inspired by his foreign policy treks: apologist.

Then there are the stories that just never went away. Norm Coleman has appealed the ruling in his Senate battle to the Minnesota Supreme Court, as expected; Sen. Chris Dodd is still suffering, but he seems to be hoping Wall Street money can get him reelected (again); and RNC Chair Michael Steele has emerged from his media exile and is earning a bit more praise this time around.

Today also offers a wealth of Democratic fundraising news. Obama will headline a June event for the party's legislative campaign committees—so, for that night only, they will meet his self-imposed rules by not accepting lobbyist or PAC money. Meanwhile, the DNC is fundraising to help Clinton pay her campaign debts, if she hasn't already. And Howard Dean has an idea of where the party's fundraising success—and success in general—comes from. I lit that match, he says.