After a few months of questioning the future of the Republican party, pundits now turn their eyes to Democrats. Voter identification is falling off faster among Democrats than Republicans, according to one poll, and Republicans are gaining handily in generic ballot polls. So some think the blue party needs to work on branding, too. Others, meanwhile, examine demographics and suggest that Democrats could be set for a long ride in power. California seems to offer an example of these demographics as longtime GOP districts suddenly look competitive to Democrats in 2010.

And in response to the recent debate over Obama's purpoted polarized popularity, one writer suggests that his success among independent offers a better picture of his appeal. Maybe the fact that the NRCC's latest attack ads link 42 House members to Pelosi, not Obama, shows something about his popularity.

There was progress in one of the two court-controlled elections, as a three-judge panel in Minnesota ruled in favor of Al Franken. But the NY-20 purgatory continues as the judge was hospitalized and proceedings were postponed till tomorrow.

News continues to trickle out of Virginia, as McDonnell posted solid fundraising numbers that give him more cash on hand than any Democratic opponent.