A new batch of ads hits the airwaves, with both parties' congressional committees launching attacks in NY-20 and the American Issues Project beginning a $500,000 campaign that attacks Obama over the AIG bonuses. New fractures are emerging on the left as a coalition of liberal groups begins an ad campaign attacking moderate Democrats.

In a revision from the numbers I linked to yesterday, the DNC actually outraised the RNC last month—but only because of a large donation from Organizing for America, Obama's grassroots group.

The president stumbled into another gaffe last night on "60 Minutes" when he laughed while discussing the dire state of the economy. PR strategists seem pretty forgiving of the flub. But maybe Obama's move to work with oft-ignored liberal media venues might help avoid these slip-ups.

New rules to shape upcoming elections are under consideration this week, as legislators in both houses prepare to introduce new campaign finance bills and the DNC launches a committee that will streamline the presidential primary.