Cyrus Krohn, the RNC's e-Campaign Manager and a former employee and Microsoft and Yahoo, is bidding farewell to the Beltway—though perhaps not to politics.

Krohn joins an exodus from the committee as Michael Steele's staff takes place. But, given Republicans' recent emphasis on technology, Krohn's departure is noteworthy. Republicans have made media waves (including here at Politics mag) for the Twitter prowess—though, as Krohn points out in his farewell note posted at e-Voter Institute, their impact is not yet clear.

In that post, Krohn makes the less acknowledge point that not too long ago Republicans led the technological battle. And despite geographical and generational obstacles, they'll lead again before, too long, he predicts. Krohn says the 2008 drubbing was the result of more than "a software glitch," though he does not suggest in what direction the party's message should move.

Though perhaps he wil discover that message for himself. In an interview with the Post's Jose Antonio Vargas, he says he will be moving back to Seattle and may run for office.